Tomasz Wrzesiewski – EY Academy of Business

Tomasz Wrzesiewski

Project and process management practitioner, EY Academy of Business trainer

Manager, mentor, business trainer. Supporter of an individualized approach to client needs. Propagator of thinking and open and honest communication. In his life he tries to implement the maxim "work smarter, not harder".

Trainer and consultant associated with EY Academy of Business since 2005. He graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and ICAN (Canadian Institute of Management). He has many years of experience in business and the training industry. He is a specialist in project management and process optimization in the company. Before he linked his professional development with the area of ​​project and process management, for over 6 years he was the sales director of a trading company achieving significant successes on European markets. He coordinated the work of several dozen sales agents and an even larger sales team throughout Europe.

He has extensive experience in building and managing teams with various specializations: he has led projects related to the restructuring of large and small production and service companies, public and non-profit organizations. He implemented, among others, an agency sales project in an international company and the project management process in international organizations. He participated in creating the market strategy for entering the southern market of an FMCG company. He also cooperated with the Energy Committee of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland and the European Parliament.

He is the creator and lecturer of many prestigious business courses, implemented both in the MBA formula and open and closed trainings. He conducts his own workshops in Germany, Belgium, Kuwait, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.

Currently, he devotes the vast majority of his time to managing transformation and optimization projects: he has special achievements in building effective project offices (PMO) and saving endangered projects. His results in projects implemented in international companies are worth emphasizing: creating a shared services center for companies providing services in 8 European countries; building a project office for a company operating in all countries of Western and Central Europe and coordinating the construction of dedicated process management software for a company with branches in the United States and Western, Central and Southern Europe.

Clients who cooperate with Tomasz Wrzesiewski can boast of outstanding results. For example, for the second year in a row, one of them won the award for the best managed project in Poland awarded by the international organization IPMA. Another client completed a project originally planned for 18 months in 9.5 months (with a team of 128 people), thus achieving significant financial benefits. This result was achieved without increasing project resources or reducing the scope of the project.


Examples of Completed Projects

1. Creation of a project office for a European manufacturing company with production plants and distribution companies in most Western and Central European countries. Scope of work: training and mentoring for people responsible for project management; creation of a project management process, preparation of documentation and implementation of a project management tool; mentoring and support for project sponsors; establishment and implementation of a Project Portfolio Steering Committee; regular support for PMO and Project Managers for a period of 1 year from the completion of implementation. Result - client data: over 80% of implemented projects completed on time, over 70% of projects completed within budget.

2. Creation of a shared services center (SSC) for an international company. Preparation of a schedule for establishing a SSC. Support in the preparation and implementation of a relocation offer for selected employees of the company. Support in the selection and recruitment of people for the SSC (internal and external recruitment). Development and implementation of processes implemented in the SSC. Training, mentoring and regular support for SSC employees (senior and middle management). Supervision over the implementation of software for managing processes in the SSC. Result: the cost of processes implemented in the SSC lower by over 30% compared to the costs of processes implemented locally. The quality coefficients of processes, according to the client's data, have also improved.

3. Saving a project at risk (implementation of the project in 9.5 months, the critical path of which was 16 months, and the deadline was 10 months. 128 people involved in the project implementation). Scope of work: remodeling the project schedule and introducing significant changes to the method of managing the project team; introducing a transparent structure of responsibility in the project; developing and implementing a process for supervising the implementation of the project at the strategic and operational level; regular support in solving significant problems arising during project management; risk management in the project; implementing an electronic project management tool and a project communication tool.

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