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Finance for Managers in a World 4.0


Finance for Managers in a World 4.0

As we move on at a fast pace into a World 4.0 era, managers realise that modern financial skills are necessary for ensuring they can develop value creation processes for all their key stakeholders. With simple but powerful examples we will find out how Finance is key in enabling Managers to succeed in this pursuit.

As intangible assets increase in importance (brands, IT, know-how, patents) it is becoming more and more important to identify such assets, measure them and report them to key stakeholders. Accounting and reporting systems do not provide such information as it is not required for regulatory reasons. Investors however need to know about the value of these assets and their exposure to various risks.

Business events happen and disappear but the corresponding data remains forever. Traditionally Finance has been about collecting historic data, summarizing it, analysing it and then it was up to business managers how to use it. Finance is now moving away from simply accumulating and storing information and is participating in the creation of value.

A different mindset is required as well as a different mix of skills to take advantage of new technology and digital tools to compete in the new challenging world.

Attend this webinar if you:

  • are interested to add value to your organisation
  • wish to understand how Finance is changing roles from reporting the past to reporting the future and what complementary skills are needed
  • require an understanding of what Financial Statements communicate
  • want to catch a glimpse of Financial Statement Analysis and IFRS
  • need to evaluate modern Financial training

Agenda of this webinar

  • Context overview of Finance as we know it today.
  • What Financial Statements communicate and for whom.
  • A simple example of Working Capital Management – powerful implications of how Finance is now linked to business processes.
  • From Analytics to Process Re-engineering
  • A simple example of Variance Analysis – how Finance enables value-added by applying skills not used before.
  • A simple example of how regulatory reporting like IFRS may not tell the whole story.
  • How Finance should and can report beyond the regulatory requirements and for a wider range of stakeholders

A session
Although you can ask questions during the webinar, there will be a special session at the end where the trainer will devote time to your questions.

The webinar will be hosted by EY Academy of Business trainer – Marinos Athanassiou.

Join us to gain valuable insights
See how we explain complex topics in a straightforward (and even fun!) manner, helping you gain the skills you need to succeed in your business professional life!
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Marinos Athanassiou

Founder of the EY Academy of Business and a trainer

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