Free access to our webinar: How to work well with anyone – EY Academy of Business

Free access to our webinar: How to work well with anyone


Free access to our webinar: How to work well with anyone

Why is it easy to work with some people and not others? Why do we accept this as something that we cannot change?

New and proven social research shows that you can train yourself to work effectively with everyone.

Watch this short webinar recording, where we show you new and proven social skills that work. Based on the TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE approach, you can improve your effectiveness in business instantly.

Who is this webinar for? 

Whether you are a team member, manager or leader, you will find this introduction to new and tangible social skills invaluable.

Those who will soon be taking leading or already hold managerial positions will need improved interpersonal skills as well as methods to coach, critique, and praise team members appropriately and effectively.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • You will appreciate the importance of SOCIAL STYLES in your daily work;
  • You will understand the significance of interpersonal effectiveness techniques;
  • You will realise that social skills can be learned and developed to fit your specific situation;
  • You will gain a new perspective on how you can help yourself and your team to become a successful team.

The Effective Social Skills method will transform how you Think, Act and React, enabling you to build high-performing relationships that will increase your professional success.

Effective Social Skills that Work – new workshops in English

This webinar demonstrates how our practical online workshops on Effective Social Skills work. These are based on the TRACOM SOCIAL STYLES approach and introduce you to new and proven interpersonal skills that enable you to increase your personal and your workplace’s success.

This skills-based programme is the best interpersonal skills model because:

  • It works!
  • It is used by thousands of organisations worldwide.
  • It is by far the easiest model to learn, remember and apply.
  • It is designed for global professionals and companies.
  • It provides ongoing support after the course.

Join us to gain valuable insight into new skills and techniques that work. 

Find out more about our upcoming training on Effective Social Skills for Leaders and Teams.

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