Trainer Alicja Biernat – EY Academy of Business

Alicja Biernat

As a trainer, she has been working with the EY Academy of Business for several years, providing training on the topics of labor law, bullying and discrimination

Alicja Biernat has nearly twelve years of experience in practical counseling on labor law and anti-bullying prevention.

She gained experience at the law firms of Ernst & Young and TGC Corporate Lawyers, among others. She was also a specialist in the Labor Law Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. She currently runs her own labor law firm.

She supports Polish and foreign clients in preparing strategies related to employee dismissals and forming relationships with employees. She assists clients in negotiations with trade unions, procedures for amending collective bargaining agreements, employee takeovers and employee restructuring. She also advises on how to optimize working time and salaries, create correct and functional employee documentation, as well as labor, salary and company benefit fund regulations.


Selected projects:

1. Alicia has participated in a number of projects concerning the formation of good relations in the workplace and the prevention of discrimination and harassment (including preparing internal procedures, training of managers and employees, conducting relationship audits and investigations, and being a member of investigative committees).

2. She has been speaking publicly since 2006 (when she was still working at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy). She began conducting training courses in 2008.

3. After founding her own law firm in 2015, she stepped up training and began working with several training companies. As part of this cooperation, she conducted workshops for public institutions, multinational corporations, managers and human resources departments. She also spoke at industry conferences (several times a year).

Courses conducted at EY Academy of Business: