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Solutions for Companies

One of the goals of the EY Academy of Business is to provide effective support to companies in their development - effective, i.e. in a way that brings change to the individual and the business, supports the implementation of strategic objectives and addresses business challenges. We achieve this through close cooperation with the management and HR function, accurate identification of development needs and appropriate selection of tools.

We combine a pragmatic approach with a perspective on the strategic, long-term needs of an organisation. Our knowledge and extensive business experience allow us to aptly tailor solutions to the needs of our clients.

Training and development

We offer open and in-house training courses diversified in terms of the subject matter and methodology. We tailor the in-house courses strictly to the needs of the client. We conduct analyses of development and training needs at organisational, team and individual levels, taking into account strategic challenges and needs.

Our recommendations

EY Diploma – Application of IFRS

The EY Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a programme that covers all standards and interpretations issued by the IASB which are of general applicability.

IFRS vs US GAAP - a 2-hour practical workshop

Financial statements around the world are mainly prepared under either International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or US GAAP. 

US GAAP vs IFRS - a 2-day course

An introduction to the main differences that exist in US GAAP in comparison with IFRS.