Bartłomiej Dębek – EY Academy of Business

Bartłomiej Dębek

Trainer at EY Academy of Business since 2017

He provides training courses in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the Accounting Act, ACCA, internal auditing and finance for non-financial professionals.

Bartek has been a trainer at EY Academy of Business since 2017.

He is a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics and holds the title of statutory auditor.

Before joining EY Academy of Business, he was employed for 9 years as a director of internal audit at an international manufacturing conglomerate in the food industry. Before that, he served as a financial controller and also as an audit project manager at EY, where he specialized in auditing the financial statements of medium and large companies in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries, including listed companies.

Bartek conducts training courses on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the Accounting Act, ACCA, internal auditing, and finance for non-financial professionals, both for EY employees and external clients.


Selected completed projects:

1. WSB Academy - classes for MBA participants covering topics: Financial statements as a tool for communicating a company with its stakeholders; Creative accounting, or what to look for when reading financial statements; Financial analysis - construction, interpretation, advantages and disadvantages of basic ratios; Working capital and liquidity management of a company.

2. School of Economics - IFRS financial accounting classes in the Finance and Accounting master's program.

3. American Chamber of Commerce - basics of finance for young managers.

4. EY Audit - a series of training courses for new audit staff in finance and accounting.

5. Finance for non-financial professionals - Reading financial statements and analyzing a company's financial position for managers, directors and board members of various companies.