Hind Khettouch – EY Academy of Business

Hind Khettouch

A skilled communicator and project manager with extensive international experience

She leverages a rich background in strategic communication, diverse cultural exposure, and educational content development to empower organizations in embracing and implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies.

With a career spanning across Africa, Europe, and Asia, she has developed a profound understanding of cultural nuances and diversity dynamics.

Relevant Training Experience

Throughout her career, Hind has consistently worked with leaders and managers across various sectors, guiding them in understanding and implementing effective DEI practices. This includes:

  • Orchestrating international events and conferences focused on diverse audiences, fostering global dialogue and cultural understanding (The Atlantic Dialogues, Internal Workshops for OCP Group, SCG …)
  • Leading strategic communications and reputation management strategies that emphasized cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness.
  • Designing and implementing educational resources and workshops that promote intercultural understanding and inclusivity.
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholders to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of educational and training materials in multicultural settings.

Hind’s involvement in projects across multiple continents has honed her ability to adapt DEI strategies to suit diverse organizational cultures and operational landscapes.

Professional Experience

Having honed her skills in strategic communication and project management in her roles as a Project Manager for OCP Group, Senior Strategic Consultant for SCG and as an entrepreneur in the DEI field, Hind has built up extensive experience in roles that required deep engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, from team members to international partners. This ability to communicate and collaborate effectively across different cultural contexts has been crucial in her DEI expertise. Her approach is grounded in rigorous research and adherence to best practices, ensuring that every strategy is not only culturally sensitive but also effective and sustainable.


Training focus:

1. A comprehensive understanding of DEI and its impact on business.

2. Enhanced skills in inclusive leadership and communication.

3. Practical strategies for implementing and sustaining DEI initiatives.

4. A personalized DEI action plan for each participant.