Kamil Brzózka – EY Academy of Business

Kamil Brzózka

Trainer at EY Academy of Business. Certified FRIS® Trainer

During his 15-year career in multinational corporations (Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, Tyco Electronics) and as a film director, he co-founded many teams, both those with a capital "T" and groups where the work was neither efficient nor pleasant.

He combines business experience with creative, original solutions in the area of soft skills. He always places the participants of workshops and meetings in the center of events, creating a space for the exchange of experiences and checking the transferred knowledge in practice.

Certified FRIS® Trainer, Certified Business Coach (SET Group), Certified Business Coach (SET Group), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), film director, music blogger, journalist.

He enjoys sharing the experience he has gained by:

  • helping to improve the effectiveness of a team by activating and leveraging the potential of each person who makes it up,
  • optimizing processes using lean and agile tools,
  • managing development projects within the organization (including company reorganization and IT systems implementation),
  • coordinating the work of teams,
  • delivering holistic group and individual development programs.
Courses conducted at EY Academy of Business: